Rally Information


Rallies are generally held on the third Sunday of each month.

Summer Rallies

Summer rallies (November through to March) commence at 8.30am (riders must be ready for gear check at 8am) and conclude around lunchtime. If the forecast temperature for Nuriootpa is above 35 degrees on the ABC news the night prior, rallies and competitions will be cancelled.

Winter Rallies

Winter rallies commence at 9.30am (gear check 9am) with a finishing time around 3pm.


Rallies commence with a line up of riders and their mounts for a safety check in addition to being marked out of 5 for the presentation of their saddlery, rider uniform and presentation of horse.

This score goes towards identifying the successful recipient of the club’s annual Most Consistent award (information on this is included in the section Pony Club awards under Membership).  Once completed, riders are divided into groups depending on ability.  Groups are kept as small as possible, thus ensuring quality instruction.

Members receive instruction in various riding disciplines – dressage, showjumping, cross country and mounted games. As well, great emphasis is placed on the correct care and management of the pony, along with care of saddlery and equipment. 

In addition to the monthly rally, the club holds a number of events/competitions throughout the year.  These include training days, dressage days, gymkhanas, showjumping days, a one day event and instruction schools/clinics.  The club actively participates in the Lower North Zone championships so extra training days are slotted in to prepare to that competition.

So as you can see, there is plenty of scope for members to have a fulfilling and fun time with the Barossa Valley Pony Club.


Upcoming Rally Dates

Please remember no matter what the planned activities for any rally, everyone is welcome and all riders will be catered for.

There may be some changes/additions to the rally schedule as we hope to secure some guest instructors and run some special clinics, however as much notice as possible will be given via the website.

May: Sunday 16 – 9am gearcheck for 9:30am start. Final practice for Zone Champs on Sunday 19 and Sunday 26 May.

June: Sunday 20 – 9am gearcheck for 9:30am start. Certificate/achievement patch work.  Working from the Pony Club syllabus, this will be an opportunity for riders to possibly gain an achievement patch (or two) and/or work towards a certificate. 

July: Sunday 18 – 9am gearcheck for 9:30am start.  Continue syllabus certificate/achievement patch work.

August:  Sunday 15 – Trail ride – venue to be confirmed. 

September:  Sunday 19 –  9am gearcheck for 9:30am start.  A traditional rally day (flat work, games, jumping) with certificate testing.

October:  Sunday 17 – 9am gearcheck for 9:30am start.  Show jumping focused.

November:  Sunday 21 – TBC. We may look at doing something associated with the Adelaide International Horse Trials.

December:  Sunday 15 – Christmas rally.  This is always a good opportunity for everyone to get together and enjoy a few low key, fun activities before a shared meal to celebrate the end of the year.


Join Our Club

We are proud to have our members regularly represent the club at zone and state level.  Many have also gone on to represent South Australia at national level, with several having also ridden in international competition over the years.  However, it’s certainly not all about competition and riders of all ages and levels of ability are very welcome.