Barossa Valley Pony Club – Expression of Interest

We are delighted you are interested in joining the Barossa Valley Pony Club.

Barossa Valley Pony Club was formed in 1967 and leases its grounds, the John Dallwitz Reserve, located on the main road between Angaston and Nuriootpa, from The Barossa Council.

The Club is managed by a governing volunteer committee, while the riding program is overseen by the Chief Instructor and Rally Coordinators.

Club Membership

Pony Club Membership is open to riders up to 26 years of age.  An affiliation fee, included in the member’s general club subscription, is paid to the Pony Club Association South Australia (PCASA).

Associate Membership

Riding adult (associate) members are members over 26 years of age and are able to participate in club rallies and competitions where classes for such riders are included.

Club Facilities

Over the years many families have worked hard to provide the quality facilities which are now in place. A club room with kitchen facilities, fenced ménage, large open arena, show jumps, cross country course and day yards are just some of the features of the grounds.


Membership Information Q&As


Safety is paramount at any pony club, so an approved safety helmet is a necessity at all times when mounted. In fact, it is encouraged at all times when working around your horse. 

Helmets must comply with Australian Safety Standard Assoc. ASNZS 3838, EN1384 or ASTMF 1163. EN1384 VG1 helmets must be made in 2015 or earlier. The date of manufacture of helmets must be within the previous five years. This information can be found inside the helmet.

Elastic sided jodhpur boots or long equestrian boots are the required footwear. Soles should be smooth or slightly textured for grip.

The remainder of the official Barossa Valley Pony Club uniform consists of:

  • Beige jodhpurs
  • Lemon coloured long sleeved shirt
  • Rust coloured woollen V-necked jumper
  • Striped ‘rust’ coloured tie
  • There is also a polo top and rugby top in club colours

Please note: Further details can be obtained from the secretary 

When representing the club for competitions or certificate testing it is a requirement that members ‘turn out’ in the full, correct uniform.

Summer dress (shirt and tie) may be permitted during competitions or formal rallies and riders will be notified of this.  

At rallies riders may wear our club polo shirt or rugby top.

Performance Cards

All members of pony club require a performance card for each of their mounts to provide proof at competitions and pony clubs they are current members and their mount is qualified to compete in the chosen event.  To be qualified you need to have ridden your mount for four rallies of at least a duration of one hour’s instruction.  The four qualifications must be obtained in the 12 months preceding the event.

Attendance/performance cards must be presented by the competitor to the organising body prior to the commencement of all pony club competitions and held for the duration of competition.  Adults, senior/associates do not compete against juniors.  Cards will be checked on receipt for qualifications, grades and financial status.  Cards will be returned on completion of the competition.  They will be endorsed for all place-getters and upgraded where appropriate by the organising body’s Secretary.

AT STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS OR ANY OTHER ORGANISED PONY CLUB EVENT a combination can only be competitive if their performance card is filled out and signed accordingly (i.e. four qualifications in the preceding 12 months).

Any rider who does not produce a current attendance/performance card will not be permitted to ride competitively, however they may be able to ride HC (‘hors concours’ or non-competitively).


Certificates, Achievement Strips and Representative Teams

In belonging to a pony club, members have the opportunity if they wish, to sit for certificates which are designed to test their general horse knowledge and riding ability.  The certificates must be gained in order, commencing with D, followed by D star, C, C Star or K, B and A.  As each milestone is reached a badge is presented which is to be sewn on to the jumper.

Achievement patches can also be gained along the way for such activities as preliminary riding, bareback riding and vaulting, grooming and care of saddlery to name a few.  These patches are sewn to the right sleeve of the jumper.

Dedicated and talented riders can aspire to achieve selection in representative teams which may travel interstate or overseas.

Over the years Barossa Valley Pony Club has had a number of riders selected in both state and Australian teams, an experience that will be proudly remembered by those fortunate enough to be selected.

Barossa Valley Pony Club Awards

Most Consistent

As well as regularly attending pony club rallies, horse and rider combinations are judged throughout each calendar year on:

  • Horse presentation
  • Rider presentation
  • Saddlery presentation

Horse Presentation

  • Well maintained, oiled and cleaned feet.
  • A brushed and tidy coat, no visible mud/dirt (does not need to be cleaned to the skin)
  • Mane and tail combed

Rider Presentation

  • Neat, correct uniform.
  • Polished and clean boots
  • Correct helmet
  • No jewellery

Saddlery Presentation

  • Cleaned and oiled (if leather)
  • Safe and correct fitting

Most Improved

The following areas are used when identifying the most improved rider:

  • Regular attendance at rallies
  • Willingness to try new things, listen to the instructors suggestions and try their best at all times
  • Consistent improvement throughout the year
  • A positive member of the club – setting an example to others, good role model

Parent/Support Person Involvement

As with any club, the Barossa Valley Pony Club relies heavily on its dedicated band of parents and supporters. The instructors at the club are usually parents or members, past and present, or adults who have passed through the ranks of pony club – and they are all volunteers.

Do not be put off by the fact that you may never have ridden a horse, or in fact owned a horse before now.  Both you and your child will learn lots, as you take the pony club journey together.  And of course there are always other avenues for you to volunteer your services, be it in the canteen, in a handyman role or serving on the committee.

Sharing the pony club experience with your child is genuinely rewarding.

Expression of Interest – Membership Form

If after reading our Information Pack you wish to join the Barossa Valley Pony Club, please complete the Expression of Interest form online or download the form and send through to the 

Membership Expression of Interest

Join Our Club

We are proud to have our members regularly represent the club at zone and state level.  Many have also gone on to represent South Australia at national level, with several having also ridden in international competition over the years.  However, it’s certainly not all about competition and riders of all ages and levels of ability are very welcome.